Nothing brings comfort to a home interior like the softness of carpet. If you don’t know exactly where to start or what type of carpet will best suit your home or project, here are 3 main components you should keep in mind:

  • The density
  • The twist
  • The pile height

Primera’s Carpet Options:

  • Wool carpet is very lush. It comes in a huge range of hues and colors. It also naturally repels moisture and is very resilient and long lasting. Wool's natural fibers make it one of the softest, most luxurious materials you can walk on. However, it doesn’t do well with cleaners that contain strong chemicals and bleaches will damage it forever. If wool carpet is an investment that you decide you want to make, placing it in low traffic areas is best, like a master bedroom or a formal living room.
  • Nylon carpet is comfortable, very durable and is highly resistant to stains. This makes it among the most common carpeting options and perfect for high traffic areas. It is not ideal for those areas that can be exposed to moisture often. It is just right for foyers, stairs, and living areas. Nylon is thickly packed and this helps it retain its dense texture longer.
  • Polyester carpet presents very similar comfort and quality to that of nylon. However, it does tend to easily attract dirt and is not as resistant to stains. It does not perform well in high traffic areas but bare feet will find it very agreeable. Like wool, it is best in master bedrooms and formal areas.
  • Olefin Carpet is a wise choice for areas where moisture has a constant presence. It is often chosen for its intense durability and its superb ability to resist moisture as well as hold up to bleaches and chemicals.

Primera is here to help our clients discover their individual style, coordinate selections and advise as to where they should invest the majority of their home's interior budget.