Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring can look like true hardwood or stone, but is generally less expensive and requires practically no maintenance.

Advantages of Resilient Flooring:

  • Extremely durable, ideal for an active household
  • Functions well in any room
  • Easy to maintain and stain resistant

Primera’s Resilient Flooring Options:

The most popular resilient flooring products are those which resemble natural products with textured surfaces that give the floor dimension. Whether the home needs a rustic wood grain pattern or natural stone or slate patterns, all can be achieved with resilient flooring.

  • Laminate is extremely durable, making it great for high traffic areas, it resists fading from sunlight and is easy to install (uses a floating floor installation). Laminate typically comes in 2 plank sizes, 8” x 4" and 16” x 4”, or in square tiles, 16” x 16”. High-end laminate comes in a wide selection of finishes, featuring very natural looking products which are more durable and come with extended warranties. Laminate can bring the look of nature into a design without the worry and maintenance.
  • Sheet vinyl has truly advanced from the vinyl of yesterday. Sheet vinyl comes in a wide selection of fashionable colors, patterns and textures, many that emulate the look of natural products. It also comes in a broad price range so it can meet all budgets. Sheet vinyl is often recommended for rooms prone to moisture such as kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. It is soft and warm underfoot and is much easier to replace than ceramic or stone. Like carpet, as you move up into higher-quality sheet vinyl products, you’ll see that quality is not measured by thickness but by construction. A better sheet vinyl product will have a denser inner core to help resist rips, tears and indentations.

Primera is here to help our clients discover their individual style, coordinate selections and advise as to where they should invest the majority of their home's interior budget.