If you’re lucky enough, unique design features come with the home you purchase. But more often than not, you have to plan ahead to add a funky, unexpected design feature to your home. 

And by “funky and unexpected,” we certainly don’t mean “frivolous.” These unique design features are just as functional as they are an aesthetic statement. See what happens when you let your creativity run wild in any room of your home. 

Statement Staircase

Sure, this staircase takes you to the next level of the home, but it also takes you to the next level of a deliberately designed focal point. While the staircase itself is a minimalist expression, the backdrop makes it the centerpiece of the room. The natural, walnut wood wall has texture and dimension to keep it interesting, and the stair treads seem to disappear into the wall.

Climbing Wall Wonder

So, you have kids who like to climb? Or perhaps you are an avid rock climber who can’t always get to a mountain. A custom climbing wall in your home is the perfect solution. 

This spare-no-detail interior rockface comes complete with a hand-carved crack, a prow, and a nook so you can rest at the top and enjoy the view through the window. The skylight provides natural light so you feel like you’re outdoors, and the painted blue ceiling serves as a lovely sky above. We think this space is a rock climber’s dream. 

Stunning Skylight, Staircase, and Swimming Pool 

We don’t even know where to begin with this incredible design feature, so we’ll start at the top. A custom skylight shines daylight from above all the way down to the pool below, and it also reflects the unique, curving staircase. The trim on the windows is the color of the water in the pool and it mimics the design of the skylight, as well as the staircase, with clean horizontal and vertical lines. 

Imagine floating on your back in the pool while gazing up through the second floor and out into the universe. Even more surprising is the fact that this home was built in 1908, so the sky really is the limit when it comes to renovations.

Move Over Soaking Tubs, Steam Showers are Back 

We know — the freestanding soaking tub is taking bathrooms across the country by storm, but let’s not forget the popular-once-again steam shower. Whether you’re designing a new home or remodeling a bathroom, consider this: Do you want to soak, steam, or both?

If you like the idea of your very own steam shower, you can plan a tiled space with room to lounge, soft lighting overhead, and bathroom textiles and materials that stand up to moisture and heat. A custom-designed steam shower provides an at-home spa experience after a long day at the office, complete with monogrammed towels.

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