As fall settles in, and pumpkin spice takes over every coffee and dessert flavor on the planet, the aura of the season is one of coziness. Depending on where you live, the nights may be getting a bit cooler and fireside chats — both indoors and outside — become a favorite weekend activity. 

When it comes to design and décor, cozy feelings can come from warm paint colors, overstuffed furniture, earthy, natural textiles, and overhead lighting. 

For this month’s design trends, we want to focus our attention upward to the various chandeliers and light fixtures that can potentially fill a room with warmth, elegance, whimsy, and of course, coziness. 

Suspended Elegance

Lighting fixtures — especially dining room chandeliers — should never be an afterthought, and this one is anything but. 

Suspended over the table as if they’re floating, these elegant glass chandeliers become the perfect complement to the dark wood table. The neutral colors and natural light in this dining room invite guests to stay awhile longer, even after the last plate has been cleared.

An Unexpected, Whimsical Focal Point

When is a chandelier more than a light fixture? When it’s a work of art, of course! 

A custom-blown glass chandelier brings an entryway to life with an unexpected pop of color and whimsy. Imagine entering the foyer and looking up this light sculpture. We think it would be hard not to. 

The Coziest Retreat of All 

So much warmth and coziness in one room, we don’t even know where to begin. This slopeside chalet provides the ultimate aprés ski living room, oozing in cozy vibes. 

Pick a spot on the overstuffed sectional and tuck your feet-in-fuzzy-socks underneath you. The soft lighting up above echoes the glow of the fireplace and adds to the understated ambience while you enjoy a spectacular view of the mountainside.

Romantic Spa Bathroom 

When do you need an ornate chandelier in your bathroom? That’s easy — when your bathroom is so beautiful it demands a gorgeous light fixture. This classic chandelier is right at home in its traditionally elegant bathroom. The high ceilings lend themselves to a sizeable light fixture in the space, and it adds an air of romance to the entire spa-like room.

Reflective Ocean Paradise 

We can’t resist this contemporary living room with an ocean view. 

The muted gold and soft white interior décor is the perfect backdrop for the teal blue ocean just outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

 And the light fixtures? The piece de resistance times two that hang ever-so-delicately over the center of the room. The light reflected on the ceiling mimics the sun sparkling across the ocean during the day.

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