A majority of people have been working from home during the circumstances of our “new normal,” and companies of all sizes are recognizing the benefits of a virtual workforce. For many, there are no plans to bring people back into a traditional office environment anytime soon. So, we thought it appropriate to offer some fresh ideas for your home office space.

After all, it may be more than a temporary situation, so you should have an office or area in your home that’s conducive to productivity, as well as one that feels good to work in eight or more hours each day.

Your dream office

If you can imagine a home office space that has everything you need plus some extra perks, this is it! Your wish list includes Built-in bookshelves complete with interesting angles that maximize storage space around a window; sliding glass doors that provide tons of natural light leading to an outside patio — the perfect place to take a break; a built-in gas fireplace for chilly mornings; and a modern desk in the middle of it all. This space makes working from home better than you ever thought possible.


Office with a view

This home office has the best view in the house. An extra-large workspace in front of the windows gives you plenty of room to spread out and natural inspiration as you work throughout the day. Built-in drawers, shelves, and cabinets keep your area organized and efficient. The steely blue-gray color is calm and easy on the eye.


Bright, colorful, and room for two

Finding it challenging to work at home with your significant other or the student of the house? This room-for-two office provides a cheerful workspace with plenty of drawers for storing office and school supplies. The sliding door adds privacy for video meetings, and the navy accent wall is a perfect backdrop for your favorite artwork. We love how the orange chair adds a pop of bright color and the patterned rug adds texture and interest from the ground up.


Natural nook envy

If all you have to work with is a nook, you can still create a workspace that feels inviting and functional. Natural wood on the floor and wall create a simple, yet soothing work area, and there is plenty of storage in the drawers and above the desk. The under-shelf lighting illuminates the work surface so you can easily focus on your daily tasks and deadlines.


Impeccably designed meeting space

Need a professional office design that allows you to interact in person? This lovely, traditional office environment is perfect for interior designers. The room itself is visually interesting from the floral-patterned ceiling to the muted rugs and elegant cream-colored built-ins. The large, solid table provides a generous work area and space to meet with a client while maintaining distance.


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