Nowadays, having a shelter and a roof under your head is a privilege. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, a home is one that should protect you from contracting the coronavirus. And since businesses are now shifting to home-based operations, homeowners are also spending more of their time at home.

Having a home you can take comfort in is a blessing. However, having a beautiful home is a luxury as well. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg when spicing up things at home. By making simple and affordable tweaks, your home interior could seem like a professional designed it.

1. Create accent walls

Creating a focal point in any room area in your home is one way to attract the eyes at first glance. And there are so many ways to do this. For instance, you can create an accent wall by painting one wall with a contrasting color from all the other wall colors. Having a different wall color will make it pop and make the room livelier as well.

2. Install statement furniture pieces

Another way to have an eye candy in your home is to don it with beautiful furniture pieces. It doesn’t have to be every furniture item in your home. But you can choose one big furniture and emphasize it by putting it in the middle of the room or space. For instance, you can display your elegant couch in the middle of the living room. Or you can also install a murphy bed with desk so it’s the first thing you’ll notice when you come inside your bedroom. Having these furniture pieces will also make you look forward to hanging out on it every day.

3. Use various colors

Depending on your home’s theme, choose three various colors in any area of your home. One color should be your wall color, then your couch and other big furniture pieces should have another dominant color. Last but not least, the smaller items like vases or picture frames should have another attractive and dominant color.

4. Decorate with hanging plants

One way to instantly spruce up your home interior is to decorate it with hanging plants. Showcasing some green in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or patio is more relaxing to the eyes. If you’re not too fond of hanging plants, you can decorate it with standing ones. Care to pick various plant sizes as well. Not only are these plants soothing to look at but they are also natural air purifiers that can help minimize free radicals inside the house.

5. Beautify the floor

If you’re decorating all the other aspects of your home, don’t forget the area that you’re always walking on day in and day out – the floor. Dress up the floor with killer carpets and rugs. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns and sizes. Having different carpet or rug sizes will make your space seem bigger as it gives the impression that the areas are divided. More importantly, pick patterns that also match the colors and other elements in your home.


Lily Brooks loves to write about home improvement, interior designs, and renovation ideas. She is currently working with Wilding Wallbeds, one of the leading bedroom furniture stores, which offers an array of finest quality handcrafted murphy bed with desk and innovative space-saving furniture.

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