Every design element should be an intentional one, especially in the kitchen. What clues do your kitchen colors reveal about your personal style? What do your kitchen cabinets say about your organizational skills?

If a kitchen update, remodel, or design from the ground up is in your near future, take a look at some of the latest kitchen décor trends and see what inspires you — and keeps you organized.

Keep a simple color palette.

We’ve recently seen a trend of getting back to basics in other areas of the home, and your kitchen is no exception.

Perhaps with so much stimulation from electronic devices, creating a simple, uncluttered, monochromatic space in which to tune out the noise of the day helps us reconnect to more organic elements.

In this easy-on-the-senses kitchen, the dark wood grounds the island firmly in the center of the room, while shades of white, cream, and gray (in the backsplash) make the room feel light and airy. Even the crystal mini-chandeliers allow light to flow through, unobstructed.

Let glass highlight interesting architecture.

If you lean toward more intricate design elements in your kitchen cabinetry, why not accentuate them with glass and light? Interior cabinet lighting and glass doors not only highlight the beautiful architecture of this lovely kitchen, but also provides a warm glow for late-night lingering conversations in the heart of your home.

Make intentional storage solution choices for less counter clutter.

Creating a kitchen with less clutter and more organization is a big deal this year. And we believe the concept of a kitchen where everything has its place, neatly hidden out of view, isn’t a trend at all, but rather a necessity. When designing or redesigning your kitchen, make every drawer and cabinet intentional. That way you have easy access for everything from cups to canisters, and a clutter-free countertop to boot.

Add more than a splash of color.

A colorful kitchen like this is for those who want to wake up to sunshine each morning, regardless of the forecast. This kitchen is on point with the trend of a monochromatic scheme, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming, just bright and cheerful. The glass cabinet doors add visual interest to the solid lemon wall, and retro appliances in a lightly whipped meringue are the perfect finishing touch.


Try terrazzo.

We love this room because it combines several kitchen trends in one: it’s a huge, social gathering space; it uses natural elements and a soothing color palette; and it has an amazing terrazzo floor. Never tried terrazzo before? Made of little chips and pieces of recycled materials, like glass, granite, and quartz, terrazzo adds an element of elegance and interest to your kitchen. It’s sleek, subtle, and environmentally friendly all at the same time.


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