Has subway tile had its day in the sun? 

While this classic backsplash design has certainly withstood the test of time, subway tile might be taking a backseat to some more intricate designs, including mirrors, mosaics, murals — and bold, moroccan fish scales. 

Check out some of our favorite design trends in kitchen backsplashes. And, don’t forget — a backsplash doesn’t have to stop under the cabinets; the ceiling is the limit when you find a style you love. 

Mirror, mirror on the kitchen wall

This contemporary kitchen is bright, dynamic and full of shimmer and shine. 

The matte finish mirrored backsplash behind the stove creates a stimulating pattern of light and dark that blends perfectly with all the other colors, textures, and shiny objects in the room. Wake up and smell the coffee in this warm, contemporary cucina.

Mosaics to the max

Mix one splash of color with a dash of irregularly shaped tiles and you’ve got a recipe for a fun, almost whimsical backsplash that adds waves of interest to this neutral kitchen.

Note how these mosaic tiles seem to flow up the wall, even beyond the range hood. So much texture and geometric activity draws your eye in so you can’t stop trying to find all the colors and patterns.

Mural madness: Create a “window” over the stove

Wish you were on a tropical island instead of cooking dinner in your kitchen? With a custom-made mosaic mural like this one, you can drift off to your own private island while stirring a pot of sauce on the stove. 

This backsplash is functional, creative, and adds a focal point to an otherwise traditional kitchen design. Besides, who doesn’t want a perpetual reminder of a favorite vacation spot in their home?

Moroccan fish scale tiles are anything but boring

Why does your kitchen backsplash have to be made out of square or rectangular tiles? 

Don’t discriminate against different shapes. From hexagons to fish scales like this one, you can choose the shapes and colors you want to make your kitchen stand out from the ordinary. 

Whether you add bold or subtle color, good things happen when you think outside the square. 

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