Year after year, survey after survey, an updated kitchen is one of the top features buyers want to see when shopping for their new home. This is especially true for younger buyers, who currently make up the majority of first-time home buyers.

No longer just a place to prepare and eat meals, the modern kitchen has become an integral part of the home—a place where family and friends can gather, share, and celebrate everyday accomplishments to milestone events.

So, what exactly do buyers want to see? Below is a short list of some of their top “must-have” items.


Open floor plan

Turn on any HGTV show about home renovation and we guarantee you’ll see buyers asking for—and renovators doing their best to provide—an open floor plan in the kitchen. This refers to the removal of non-load-bearing walls to join two or more rooms together (e.g., the kitchen and dining room or the kitchen, dining room, and living room) to create one large, open area.


Eat-in kitchen

This goes hand in hand with the open floor plan concept, in that buyers are no longer looking for a formal dining area that is separate from the kitchen. Rather, they want a relaxed, communal space more in sync with their modern lifestyle. If an eat-in kitchen is not an option, consider adding an island; this essentially accomplishes the same goal but costs a bit less.


New countertops

Old, outdated countertops are a tough sell, especially in the kitchen. Luckily, a stunning countertop makeover can happen on virtually any budget. Check out our blog on Choosing the Perfect Countertop for Your Home to learn more about countertop materials, selecting the perfect edge, and more.  


Updated light fixtures

That bulky chandelier that’s been there since you first bought the house? It’s time to take it down and replace it with something more contemporary. For such a small expense, new light fixtures go a long way toward boosting the sell appeal of your kitchen.  


Beautiful flooring

Along with the master bath, the kitchen is one of two rooms that can make or break the sale of your home, so it pays to make sure the flooring is pleasing to potential buyers. Hardwoods are always a plus, but it’s worth checking out the new face of resilient flooring to up the “wow” factor in your kitchen. 

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