Show and Tell

Glass cabinets are this year’s big trend, with plenty of choices like frosted, seeded, reeded, mullion, arched and stained glass. Use accent lighting to showcase decorative contents inside or to create ambiance.
Glass Cabinets

Cabinets Aren’t Just for the Kitchen

Create a sense of calm with a fashionably organized entryway. No more clutter by the door!  
Organized Entryways

Gold Accents Make Any Holiday Table Shine

Sprinkling gold accents, such as gold-lined plates and candles, will light up any dinner table this holiday season.
Gold Accents

Hold On to Those Holiday Reds

Next year’s trends include shades of red, as well as pinks and peach. So you can keep those festive reds around the house even after the tree is gone.

A Look Ahead: Glam Materials for 2016

Ring in the new year with copper and brass accents in any room.
Glam Materials
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