Mismatched Chairs

Looking for a fun DIY project to enhance your home? Pick up wooden chairs from garage sales and flea markets and repaint them using a gradient of hues for a wonderfully mismatched collection.
Mismatched chairs

(Image from A Beautiful Mess)

Make a Statement with Your Staircase  

Who says you can’t paint your staircase? Grey has been a trending color this year and provides a smooth, cooling appeal to cover up years of wear and tear.

Mix and Match Metallic Materials

Bring in the shiny new year with mix-matched metallic materials. Copper, bronze, silver and gold go hand-in-hand for a glam appeal in any room.

Natural Wallpaper  

2016’s wallpaper trend is inspired by natural textures: think wood, marble and stone.

Deep-Colored Furniture

Shades of deep green, purple and blue add a sense of calm to a room and pair nicely with the metallic trends that will also be prevalent in the new year.

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