Product Care & FAQ
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Caring for Your Window Treatments

Most window treatment products require little maintenance, other than light dusting or gentle vacuuming, to keep them looking new for years. When cleaning any window, Primera recommends spraying glass cleaner on a cloth rather than spraying directly on the window. This will prevent damage to the slats, louvers or fabric by splattering cleaner.

Fauxwood or Vinyl Products
To reduce static cling and help repel dust, wipe the product with dryer sheets. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents, as they will scratch or damage the surface. To clean marks or finger prints, use a mild soap and water solution. Do not use ammonia-based products.

Wood or Composite Products
Clean using a dry, soft feather duster, clean cloth, dusting mitt or micro-fiber cloths. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can also be used.
Do not ultrasonically clean wood or composite products. The use of chemical solvents and scrubbing cleansers are not recommended as they will damage the finish.
Protect all wood products from exposure to steam, high moisture, rain or sprinkler systems to prevent warping and discoloring.

Fabric Shades and Shadings
Light dusting is recommended for all fabric window treatments. Do not use magnetic dusters on room darkening fabrics.


Dusting – Regular light dusting maintains a like-new appearance for most blinds, shades, shadings, sheers and shutters.

Vacuuming – For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a soft brush attachment.

Compressed air or hair dryer – Use to blow dust off fabric treatments and to remove dirt or bugs from inside cells or vane panels. When using a blow dryer, always use a non-heat setting.

Spot Cleaning – Spot-clean shades and blinds with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric. Rubbing can damage fabrics.

Bathtub cleaning/water immersion – This method is used for fauxwood or vinyl products and some, but not all, cellular fabrics. The headrails should not be immersed in water. Please consult with a Primera professional for more specific information.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Professional ultrasonic cleaning is only recommended for specific products. It is not recommended for wood, composite or vinyl products. Please check with your professional cleaning company for more specific information.

Injection/extraction cleaning system – This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and immediately extracts the dirty solution. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window treatments. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove the window treatments. Products that can use this method include cellular shades, shadings, and some fabric treatments.

Steaming – Steaming can be done to remove wrinkles from some fabrics. A hand-held travel-size steamer that provides continuous steam is best. Heavy-duty steamers are not recommended.


Q. What kind of warranty does Primera offer and what does it cover?
A: Primera strives to provide a completely satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and enjoying your window treatments. All of our products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This covers material defects, workmanship or failure to operate for as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

The warranty does not cover conditions caused by normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse, accidents or alterations to the product, or exposure to the elements and discoloration of fading over time. Failure to follow cleaning or maintenance instructions will void the warranty.

Q. What is the lead time on window covering orders?
A: Once your windows are measured by one of Primera's professional installers, your products will be ordered. From the order date, typical lead time on blinds and shades is two weeks. Lead time on shutters is six to eight weeks. When your products arrive, a Primera representative will call to schedule installation for a date and time convenient to you.

If you are purchasing a new home and buying your window coverings through your builder, blinds and shades will be installed before you move in. Shutters, however, may need to be installed after you close because of the longer manufacturing time.

Q. What product do you recommend for high windows?
A: Products without cords are the best choice for child safety. Shutters are a wonderful cordless product and cordless lifting options are available on most blinds and shades.

Primera's corded products are designed with child safety features as well. Break-away tassels and single control cords reduce potential danger to children and pets. Cord tensioners are installed on cord loops or beaded cord loops for safer operation.

Q. What are the differences between Composite and Wood Shutters?
A: Composite shutters are less expensive than wood and are available in white and off-white colors only. They are easy to keep clean and the finish is guaranteed against discoloring from the sun and heat.

Wood shutters are available in several paint colors and stains. All of our shutters offer a decorative moulded frame and smooth louvers in 3 ½” and 4 ½” widths, but only wood shutters are available in a sandblasted or textured finish.