Primera and Custom Home Builders: Bringing Design to Life

Custom Home

When you’re building someone’s dream home, every detail matters.

Partner with Primera to design and outfit interiors and together, we will bring the home buyer’s vision to life.

We know choosing the perfect materials, finishes, styles and patterns for cabinets, flooring, tile and window treatments is overwhelming for a home buyer and can easily cause delays. But with Primera, this once-agonizing selection process is now fast, smooth, and enjoyable.

Our award-winning design centers are themselves perfectly designed to enhance this process. They offer

  • easy access to a wide range of products to suit all individual styles and tastes
  • optimal lighting and spaces to minimize distractions while deciding
  • Knowledgeable design consultants providing expert advice and guidance when required

Having experienced partners that can guide buyers through complex decisions such as flooring layouts and breaks is a big plus for builders.

Primera can even create design centers for home builders in any location: even a sales office environment can become a designated off-site design center.

And when all the decisions have been made, we excel at sourcing products and expertly installing even specialized custom materials.

Let’s work together