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Commercial Projects Inspiration

Commercial Countertop Inspiration

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When it comes to commercial countertops, durability is key. Commercial surfaces, after all, naturally experience a great deal of wear and tear over time. However, choosing a durable countertop surface doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. It’s just as important to pick a countertop that highlights the establishment’s unique

Primera’s Arizona Cardinals Headquarters Commercial Flooring Project

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Primera Demonstrates Uncommon Commercial Flooring Expertise with Arizona Cardinals Training Facility Installation The Arizona Cardinals Training Facility, located in Tempe, AZ, was originally built in 1990 and not only houses the team’s corporate offices, clubhouse and training complex, but is essentially a ‘home away from home’ for both players and


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As reported back in April 2014, Primera was awarded the contract for this substantial remodelling project, located in Tempe, at the beginning of the year. The work was part of the widescale remodelling and upgrading of the training facility and corporate offices housed at the site. Noteably, this includes a new state of the

How Healthcare Facility Design Will Change as a Result of COVID-19

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In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the world of commercial design has significantly shifted. Establishments like hotels, restaurants, and offices have had to develop new design approaches based on protecting public health. However, no facility will experience as much change as hospitals and health systems.  So, as doctors,

Meditation Rooms

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According to statistics, since 2012, the number of people in the U.S. practicing meditation has tripled. As life becomes more demanding, especially under our current circumstances, people are turning toward meditation as a way to manage stress levels and keep their sanity during these trying times. If you’re one of

What Features Are Most Important to Home Buyers?

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As a home builder, it’s essential to know what home buyers want. There are some aspects, after all, that transcend beyond fleeting design trends and personal needs. This is true even between families and single people, who usually have different lifestyles. Despite the obvious differences, there are certain characteristics that

Builders: Here’s What Millennial Home Buyers Are Looking For

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Millennials continue to dominate the real estate market, accounting for 37% of all recent home buyers. Because this trend is expected to continue, smart builders are keeping a close eye on what Generation Y is looking for in the perfect house. First and foremost, millennials love their space—and they’re willing

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