Design Center Services: A World of Endless Possibilities

Help your client envision and create the perfect interior with a truly immersive visual and tactile experience at Primera’s award-winning design centers.

The luxury showrooms in Denver CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and the award-winning flagship design center in Tempe AZ—along with the private meeting room in Corona, CA*, boast an extensive range of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, wall tile, and window coverings from distinguished and recognized brands.

*Please note that currently only cabinetry options can be selected at Corona, CA.

Our centers are a first stop on a design journey, from visualization to design to installation. Builders and their clients will enter a world of endless interior possibilities: feel countertop materials, visualize tile designs, and experience cabinets and backsplashes in real room displays.

Our knowledgeable design consultants will guide clients through the journey to select and source the perfect materials, and then Primera’s expert installers will make dream interiors a reality.

Contact us to learn more or follow along on the design journey below.

Let’s Take a Look Inside

Walk through the doors and be inspired by kitchen and bathroom vignettes that spark the imagination and creativity. Soft, warm, natural lighting enhances the experience: this is expertly achieved using a black roof and bright, white hanging panels. This specialized lighting creates a dramatic impact that allows customers to see selections as if in natural daylight.

Looking for Interiors Inspiration?

The Journey Begins at Home with VEO Design Studio Software

Our design centers are optimized for a pleasant and productive design experience, but sometimes — due to health and safety concerns or the barriers of time and distance— clients can’t visit the centers.

With our VEO Design Studio and Zoom technology, Primera brings the process to you. Home buyers can review their interior options in the comfort of their own home—or use the software remotely prior to a design center appointment to begin to narrow down options. As they swap marble for granite countertops or oak for maple cabinets, your client saves their favorite products to a wish list in the program.

We have enhanced the process with a full suite of technologies to support the virtual design process if this is the homebuyer’s preference.

Next Stop…Relax and Enjoy the Process

Visiting the design center is an exciting stage of the homebuying journey but Primera recognizes that it can also be overwhelming. Quiet reflection and knowledgeable collaboration smooth the process.

Our skilled designers expertly guide the process. Together with the use of VEO Design Studio, choosing interior options becomes a relaxed and enjoyable event.

Prior to the appointment, a Primera designer uses the wishlist to gather the selected products and they are already waiting for the homebuyer on arrival. Clients can see and touch products in a calm and quiet space.

New Visualizers Enhance the Design Experience

Primera’s design center has received a further boost with the introduction of the new visualizer experience for home buyers. This valuable addition to VEO Design Studio software, developed by BuildOn Technologies, allows homebuyers to view their interior selections in a simulated room setting. Alternative products and tile pattern layouts can be swapped in and out so they can confidently colorize their rooms by combining the preferred options. All of this can be done while prices are constantly updated to accurately reflect the refreshed product selection.

Reach the Destination Faster—together

For builders, there are many benefits to using Primera’s design centers.

  • Builders partner with Primera for a smooth and quick selection process to choose finishes, styles, and patterns.
  • With the VEO software, home buyers can see their pricing options clearly and use a mortgage calculator to go forward with their design choices with confidence.
  • Primera can create design centers for home builders in any location. Utilizing Primera staff and the VEO software, even a sales office environment can become a designated off-site design center.
  • A smooth design experience leads to happier clientele and an incredible customer experience.

Happy Homebuyers At Primera’s Flagship Design Center In Tempe, Az

During 2021, Primera surveyed homebuyers who visited its flagship design center in Tempe, Arizona, or experienced an online virtual appointment with a design consultant in the design center.

A fantastic homebuyer experience during the interiors selection process at the design center is critical for homebuilders. This event will be one of a number of major factors in determining how highly the homebuyer scores the homebuilder.

Partnering with Primera was definitely the best decision our company could have made. They really helped us work with our buyer to give them exactly what they were looking for in their custom home. The VEO software they use is so useful and they work with the highest quality products. I highly recommend this company to anyone who builds customs. These guys are amazing at what they do and they know how to give your buyers and excellent experience.

Brian H., Google Review

My wife and I met with Natalie to design the interior of our condo and she covered everything from A to Z…from flooring to countertops to paint, her guidance was wonderful. So I will leave it as this: we could not have had a better design experience and would highly recommend Primera to work with you on your home!

Jeff S, Irvine, CA
Dear Laura,
Since we met for a design appointment on Tuesday, I have been thinking about how well you guided the entire process of reviewing option categories and the selections available in each.
It was very well organized and structured, with no category omitted Beyond that, it was, thanks to you, highly informative, and I learned a lot about the short and long term implications of the selections. You encouraged me to consider several aspects of the choices, not just color or cost, but how the selection would impact the overall design, and even eventual resale value. You really do have a unique perspective that any homebuyer could benefit from. I really appreciated the fact that you were able to provide a logical rationale for your suggestions. All of this information was provided by you in a highly relatable and understandable way, which I really appreciated.
No kidding, I left that meeting feeling like I had achieved the correct balance of beautiful cohesive finishes at a reasonable cost, that will endure the test of time, That result is attributable to your expertise, skill, and ability to inform, without pressure.
In sum, I don’t know how you are able to deliver outcomes like that, but I’m grateful to have had you as my designer for this process. I think you are an excellent designer with outstanding people skills.
Carol K, Phoenix

I wanted to let you know about the exceptional service and prompt response by your staff in regards to my recent purchase of granite and marble from Primera. Cassie has gone out of her way to work with me on an issue with my order. She has met with me twice to pick out a marble slab as well as a replacement Venetian Gold piece for a laundry sink. In addition, Jordan Webb has assisted me with a problem with the size of our bathroom backsplash. In both cases, your staff has been exceptionally professional and pleasant to work with and they understand the issue completely. Jordan had a Primera representative out the next day to see if there was anything that could be done right away. In this day and age where customer service is lacking, it is refreshing and reassuring to have such professional staff. When an issue came up, they both went the extra mile to work with me and got it handled efficiently even though it wasn’t a large order. I will be redoing another bathroom in the near future and will make sure to have Primera handle our granite needs. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all that they did to make our bathroom remodel a success.

Gwen, Phoenix

I wanted to send you a few photos of my new countertop. Everything went so smoothly and everyone involved was very professional and nice to work with. I am so pleased with it and you were right – I love the stainless sink! Thank you very much for your attention to detail. It was so nice working with you. Thank you again.

Gail, Las Vegas

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to Gustavio Bamuelos and Michael Esmic. They did an outstanding job of installing my granite sink and vanity counter in my bathroom today. They were so kind and courtesy, did fabulous work had great customer service as well as complete gentlemen. They both are an asset to your company and play an important role in repeat customers.

I’m a first time customer and have been very impressed with the whole process of selecting my granite, salesman, Larry Cook, great guy, to your wonderful installers. I will always recommend your company to all I meet.

It’s a pleasure to do business with professionals!

Shirley, Las Vegas

My wife and I worked with Reba who was amazing and took her time with us. She showed us all our options on carpets, tile, laminate, and hardwood flooring. I drove from Gilbert to Tempe, my wife took the time to drive from Scottsdale all the way just to see Reba. She also, gave us some amazing prices on granite countertops and someday we want to do the bathrooms. She showed us the showroom and explained that they do a lot of the work for the big box stores or other retailers. Call Reba!

Jayson Hoffer, Scottsdale

John, I just want to thank you for your help and guidance with my countertops. The job came out flawless. Please let your staff know also. They were all good at what they do and were all very professional, right on time and you can’t ask for more than that. Let me say thanks again.

Robin Mounger, Associated Inspectors

Thank you, Tammi, for guiding us through the maze of options available to us in an always cheerful, courteous, thoughtful, and professional manner. We especially appreciate your giving us additional information about how our Arizona climate challenges wood flooring. You helped us make a final selection of tile flooring that gives us great pleasure every day. Thank you, also, for answering or getting the right folks to answer the literally dozens of questions that we needed to have answered in order to be comfortable with the construction agreement and the installation process. You’re great at your job!

Thank you, Tony, for your thorough work in measuring and estimating, especially for your detailed drawings and for patiently answering our many questions about the details of installation. Your knowledge and obvious logic were assuring to us as we learned more about products and installation. We also appreciate your friendliness and unhurried engagement with us as we were learning.

Thank you, Jim, for answering questions about things that could go wrong and what kinds of cost exposure those things might involve. I appreciate your candor and clarity. When we had a question about carpet pooling, you provided useful information that was consistent with our own research; you were unambiguous about the topic. That approach creates trust.

Thank you, Cathy, for being forthright in every communication that we had with you, whether in the office or over the phone…We appreciate that you were flexible on matters that were important to us. Your ability to estimate time requirements was very helpful…

Thank you, Tyler, for checking on the progress of the work from day one. Because we knew nothing about tile installation, it was important to us that someone with real knowledge and expertise take a look at the work while it was being done. You came at just the right times to give us that reassurance and shared just the right amount of information.

Thank you, thank you, Dave! We could not have been luckier when you were the person assigned to our job. You showed up when you said you would (very important to us); you did what you said you would do each day of the work; you explained each major aspect of the work prior to commencement and during the process; you made sure that we were not cut-off from places that we needed to go; you respected our property and treated it with care; you cleaned-up as you worked and at the end of each day; you were unfailingly courteous and polite; and, clearly, you are a master of the craft, with exceptional knowledge and skill. The manner in which you installed our flooring, backsplash, and fireplace surround – each requiring a different knowledge and skill set – is clear evidence of your mastery. We especially appreciate the care that you took with our fireplace work and the protection of our mantle…And, very important to us, you always treated your assistant, Justin, with dignity and respect.

Thank you, Brice and Scott, for arriving on time, for figuring out how to move things in our garage so that the carpet could be cut there if needed (the driveway was wet from an overnight storm), for efficient removal of our old carpet and pad, for a good clean-up before installation of the new material, for a very good installation job, and for being careful as you reinstalled our furniture. Thank you, also for your courtesy, politeness, and good humor. We were pleased, too, that you were finished by lunch-time.

…You have established a working environment which attracts competent professionals and allows them to do their jobs. It is clear that one of the core values of your organization, whether explicit or not, is to treat everybody with dignity and respect…We did some pretty careful research before settling on Primera Carpet One as our service provider, and we have been pleased with the outcome.

Cal and Ginger Horton, Phoenix

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