Who doesn’t love some bathroom design inspiration?

Some of the latest bathroom design trends include custom vanities with built-in (often hidden) storage, accent walls, and recessed medicine cabinets. 

Take a look at our top picks for all three of these upgrades and discover how you can transform your own lavatory. 

Create the vanity to fit the space

More than one-third of homeowners update their bathrooms with custom-built vanities that perfectly fit the space, maximize storage, and improve the aesthetics of the master bath. 

This bathroom upgrade offers plenty of sunlight and a custom floating vanity with matching built-in cabinetry, allowing you loads of space for extra towels, hairdryers, shampoos, and spa products for your soaking tub. 

You might even say the beautiful tile floor functions as the “accent wall” in this otherwise mostly white space. 

Add some vertical storage space

This custom vanity utilizes the space perfectly, and vertically. While adding more storage from the countertop upward, the custom cabinetry also provides separation (and a place to hang hand towels) between his and hers sinks. 

Our favorite designs are often as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing and this bathroom upgrade fits the bill.

Accent walls are sometimes the main attraction

Accent walls can be as subtle or as attention-getting as you want them to be. If the accent wall is a focal point in your bathroom, like the one below, you can make it a beautiful backdrop for your morning routine. 

This design combines the best of both worlds — a natural wood, rustic accent provides the backsplash for the custom, contrasting vanity. 

The wall is dark and rich with texture, while the smooth, white vanity provides a soothing contrast. And, it all works seamlessly together.

Maximum impact

Natural stone or a decorative art panel? 

This statement wall is actually a decorative art panel, but until you get up close, it looks like the inside of a giant geode (a rock with layers of crystals inside). 

This bathroom design takes customization to the next level. (Also note the custom-built floor-to-ceiling vanity.)

Brilliantly disguised recessed medicine cabinet

Do you see a medicine cabinet in this picture? Neither do we. 

That’s because it was brilliantly disguised to hide behind the vanity mirrors. The mirrors sit away from the wall to conceal all your toiletries and the lighting surrounding the mirrors offers functional, ambient light for the bathroom. It’s beautiful, functional, and practical.