As a home builder or interior designer, your goal is to create beautiful living spaces that your clients will enjoy for years to come. However, the process of choosing key interior products such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, and flooring can feel overwhelming and may even cause delays in construction. By partnering with Primera, we can help simplify the interiors selection process and provide you and your homebuyers with access to an extensive range of high-quality products, presented in our state-of-the-art design centers with the assistance of our professional consultants. Here are a few of the benefits that we offer home builders, designers, and renovators:

High-quality products

At Primera, we source our vast selection of products from industry-leading brands, ensuring long-lasting quality and style. Our product offerings include:

  • Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or elsewhere in the home, cabinets serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and can have a major impact on the overall look of a room. We offer cabinets in a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to suit different preferences and budgets.
  • From carpeting, tile, and hardwood to innovative options like resilient flooring and engineered wood, our flooring selections offer style, durability, and comfort for any room in the home.
  • For kitchens and bathrooms, countertops are available in numerous different materials, such as natural stone (including granite, quartz, and marble), concrete, laminate, and solid surfaces like Corian. We offer these materials and more, and are also proud to operate our own exclusive hard surface fabrication facilities in Nevada, which allows us to ensure the highest-quality craftsmanship for every project.
  • Window treatments. From horizontal and vertical blinds to shades and shutters, window treatments are essential for enhancing privacy, controlling the amount of light that comes into a room, and accentuating a home’s style. Our selection of window treatments combine beauty and function, with options to suit a variety of preferences.

State-of-the-art design center experience

At Primera, we understand that choosing interiors can feel overwhelming for home builders, designers, and buyers alike. To help make the process easier and more enjoyable, we’ve created our multi-award-winning design centers—including our flagship location in Tempe, AZ and centers in Prescott Valley, AZ, Denver, and Las Vegas—to offer an immersive visual and tactile experience that brings our product selections to life. These modern centers are outfitted with kitchen and bathroom vignettes that spark the imagination, specialized lighting that allows you to view products as if in natural daylight, and quiet glass pods where you can consult with our expert designers, who will show you different products and offer recommendations to help make your vision a reality.

We also offer cutting-edge VEO Design Studio technology, which allows you and your home buyers to start reviewing different interior options from the comfort of home. This easy-to-use software allows you to swap out different products to see how they might look in a real room and save your favorites to a wish list, which our design consultants can refer to when gathering product samples for your design center appointment.

Greater homebuyer satisfaction

Whether you are building a custom home for one client or several single- or multi-family homes, delivering satisfaction for your buyers is key—and an integral part of keeping them happy is ensuring a seamless interiors selection process. Fortunately, partnering with Primera can help you maximize buyer satisfaction! In 2021, we surveyed homebuyers who had either visited our flagship design center in Tempe or had a virtual appointment with one of our design consultants, and the results were very impressive:

  • Buyers gave our design consultants an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 based on their helpful advice and support.
  • In response to the question, “Was the design consultant well informed and knowledgeable about the products?”, we once again scored 4.9 out of 5.
  • When asked how likely they were to recommend our design center services to others, homebuyers gave us a score of 91—an exceptional result considering that a score above 70 is considered world-class.

Want to learn more about how Primera can help you create beautiful, high-quality interiors for your homes while delivering a five-star experience for your buyers? Call us at (866) 752-7336 to get in touch!