Sealing Grout: Is It Necessary?

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That’s why we’d like to address one of the most frequently asked questions by home builders: Is sealing grout necessary? Let’s discuss the basics of grout sealer, along with how Primera can help. What is grout sealer? Grout sealer coats the grout in between tiles. It’s designed to prevent moisture from penetrating the grout and area beneath the tiles. The sealer is also meant to prevent discoloration and staining of grout, which often happens in high-traffic areas. Ultimately, people use grout sealer to make cleaning easier and quicker. The drawback of using grout sealer Though the idea of grout sealer seems promising, there’s just one issue: Moisture can still pass through most sealers. So, even when sealer is applied, grout

What Features Are Most Important to Home Buyers?

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As a home builder, it’s essential to know what home buyers want. There are some aspects, after all, that transcend beyond fleeting design trends and personal needs. This is true even between families and single people, who usually have different lifestyles. Despite the obvious differences, there are certain characteristics that both groups will likely look for. To learn what features are most important to home buyers, read on. Modern eat-in kitchens Today’s buyers are all about community and multi-tasking spaces. As a result, they’re less likely to use formal dining rooms. Instead, home buyers want modern kitchens with eat-in areas, which allows families to cook and gather in the same place. This feature speaks to the rising popularity of collaboration,

Safety, Durability, Appeal: What Flooring Options Work Best for Restaurants?

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There is a lot to consider when choosing the best flooring type for your project, and this is especially true for clients who are restaurant owners. While most commercial clients want design elements that are visually appealing, restaurateurs must take into account additional factors such as heavy foot traffic, the high probability of spills and moisture, the safety of their patrons, and how easy the floors are to clean and maintain.    Let’s start in the waiting area. The waiting area is first thing diners see when walking into a restaurant. Of course it should be warm and inviting, but it is also the area closest to the door. That means a high likelihood that outside dirt and debris will be

Quick Tips for Everyday Carpet Care and Maintenance

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  Photo by Best & Company – Search bedroom design ideas Tile and hardwood floors have a way of dominating the spotlight nowadays, but there is something to be said for the sumptuous feel of carpet beneath your feet. Be it a few well-placed area rugs or wall-to-wall Berber, designing with carpet creates a warm and welcoming space within your home—provided you take the time to care for it. Because everyday traffic can take a toll on your carpets, here are some quick tips to help you keep them looking like new. Photo by Kate Lester Interiors – Discover entryway design inspiration   Take preventative measures. The simplest way to safeguard your carpets is to limit their exposure to dirt, debris and heavy foot traffic. Start

Love Your Wood Floors? Learn These Simple Tips to Safeguard Their Beauty

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There is nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood flooring. Not only are your wood floors sturdy enough to withstand the test of time, but their classic elegance never goes out of style. So how do you keep them looking their best? Here are a few simple tips to remember: Keep the Outdoors Out: Photo by mango design co – Search entryway design ideas   A few well-placed welcome mats can go a long way toward protecting your wood floors from carried-in dirt and debris. Ask guests to leave their shoes by the door to further protect your flooring, and remember to wipe muddy paws when your four-legged family members come in from the yard. Make it a Clean Sweep. Photo

Everything you need to know about resilient flooring

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If you think “resilient” is just our tricky way of saying vinyl, think again. Although vinyl does belong in the resilient family, it has many impressive cousins, including: Linoleum Cork Rubber Poly Resin   Simply put, resilient flooring is neither hard nor soft, has some “give” and usually stands up well to spills, heavy traffic and typical household abuse. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, vinyl and linoleum got a bad rap, conjuring up images of grandma’s 70s decor or perhaps just the idea that they were somehow “cheaper looking” than other flooring choices. So, we’re here to tell you that resilients have come a long way. Not only are they more durable and low-maintenance than ever before, but they are

February Design Trends: Chevron, terrarium planters, picture rails, and more!

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 Make Cold Rooms Cozy Photo by Marie Flanigan Interiors - Discover living room design inspiration Need to add some warmth to a cold-looking room? A large, wool rug can add some much-needed softness—to your feet and eyes. Chevron Patterns Photo by Robert Frank Interiors - When it comes to tile designs, a chevron pattern can draw the eye up to make even the tiniest rooms seem more spacious. Add Green Without the Watering Routine Photo by Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard - Discover contemporary bedroom design ideas Terrarium planters let you decorate your home with succulents or air plants that require little to no maintenance. Picture Rails Photo by Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard - Browse

Hardwood, Carpet, Tile, and More! How to Select the Perfect Floor

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Selecting the right flooring for your house is a pretty big decision. Between durability, price, comfort, resistance to the activities of pets and children, and how it matches with your lifestyle—there’s a lot to think about. So, here’s a quick guide to most popular types of flooring available to homeowners today and what you should consider. Hardwood Floors Photo by Shaw Floors - More traditional kitchen ideas   When it comes to home design, there are few features more stunning than hardwood floors. The warmth of hardwood breathes life into any home, regardless of décor style. Pros of Hardwood: Hardwood is durable and lasts. Whether you prefer traditional colors and grains, such as dark mahogany, cherry or walnut, or prefer

Kids and Pets and Messes—Oh My! How to Find the Perfect Family-Friendly Floors

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As any parent knows, floors take a lot of abuse. Whether it’s a toddler building with blocks or a puppy chasing a ball, your kids and pets spend a lot of time playing on the floor. A family home needs to have flooring that looks great, cleans up easily, and can take the wear and tear. No one wants to spend money on beautiful flooring to find it doesn’t live up to your family’s needs. If you have children or pets, check out these family-friendly flooring options for your home: Top Flooring Types to Consider Consumer Reports evaluated several flooring types that held up well to high-traffic areas and found that vinyl, solid wood, and laminate were some of the

Tile in Style: Pick the Perfect Tile Floors for Your Bathroom

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Tile is one of the most versatile flooring options available—perfect for filling your bathroom with personality and character, and creating the soothing, relaxing space of your dreams. Whether you prefer a traditional look and feel, or want a sleek, modern spot, it all starts with finding the perfect tile for your bathroom. Natural Stone Tile Natural stone tile, like granite, marble, or travertine, creates a stunning look for bathroom floors. The one-of-a-kind designs and colors, like the metal slabs made by Bedrosians Tile and Stone, add a relaxing, calming element to spa-like bathrooms. Some homeowners even use river rock to add in an even more nature-based design. Natural stone tile must be sealed before use, and requires regular upkeep. With

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