That’s why we’d like to address one of the most frequently asked questions by home builders: Is sealing grout necessary?

Let’s discuss the basics of grout sealer, along with how Primera can help.

What is grout sealer?

Grout sealer coats the grout in between tiles. It’s designed to prevent moisture from penetrating the grout and area beneath the tiles. The sealer is also meant to prevent discoloration and staining of grout, which often happens in high-traffic areas.

Ultimately, people use grout sealer to make cleaning easier and quicker.

The drawback of using grout sealer

Though the idea of grout sealer seems promising, there’s just one issue: Moisture can still pass through most sealers.

So, even when sealer is applied, grout isn’t waterproof. This means sealer won’t necessarily protect your grout from moisture. It also isn’t a sure-fire way to stop grout from darkening.

Grout in the bathroom will also inevitably stain or “age” over time. Plus, cleaners will usually work just fine, whether or not you apply a sealer.

Use medium or dark colored grout instead

In place of sealing grout, we suggest using grout that’s medium or dark colored. It’s the best way to make sure your grout keeps looking good as new.

Medium colored grout, in particular, is excellent for concealing dirt. This means it will be much easier to keep clean.

Medium colors like tan, gray, and beige work best.

The best way to use a sealer

If you’d like to use a sealer, we encourage you to closely follow the manufacturer’s directions. Depending on the formulation, you may need to wait anywhere from 3 to 28 days before sealing. We like to wait 14 days.

In general, solvent-based sealers have shorter waiting times than water-based sealers. They’re typically more expensive, though.

Primera is here to accommodate all your grout and tile needs. We can provide guidance based on your specific situation, along with professional tips and suggestions. Our team can also explain why sealing grout may not be necessary. Contact us at (866) 752-7336 or email us at