The average interior design company is going to outsource their granite fabrication process.  One of the powerful elements of Primera (and just another reason why we are the complete one-stop shop) is that we have our own fabrication shop.

As your most trusted contracting and design company in Phoenix, we ensure that every step of our granite fabrication process is of the highest quality and that the best product is being created.  We know what it takes to bring the highest quality granite countertops into your home or business. Your company can only benefit from our quick and seamless process where zero errors and ensured quality is a must.

While the granite fabrication process involves highly technical skilled labor and complicated machinery, Primera are professionals at the process.    Here are some of the steps that we take in our fabrication process in order to bring the beautiful granite to life!

How Your Phoenix Granite Countertops Are Made

The process of taking a raw piece of natural granite, having quality machines cut it to precise measurements and having professionals to round and polish the edges takes an average of six hours at Primera.  In our fabrication center all of the stresses of cutting and polishing the stone are completed in house.  Primera ensures that your granite is finalized before reaching the site of your home, business or project meaning that the only work being done on the project site is the installation and assembly of the countertops—lowering the risk of damage to the granite and saving time and money.

At Primera, we put a strong emphasis on both quality and efficiency, where our staff of highly skilled and qualified professionals expects only the best products along each step of the granite fabrication process. As both a contracting and design company, we work with your business to produce durable, long-lasting, and also original products. From our wide variety of granite colors to our assortment of edge shapes and designs, we help to create the most useful and most beautiful granite countertops to fit the needs and preferences of any style and taste.

The granite countertops that will enter your homes and businesses will catch the eye of everyone who walks past. For our low and competitive prices, you receive guaranteed quality in both product and service. Your granite is processed by only the most efficient and advanced machinery and technology, and is finalized and installed by the hands of only the most trusted and talented of professionals. When it comes to your home and business, Primera is here to promise only the best we have to offer at the most competitive prices, as well as to answer any questions you may have along the way.

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