Getting away is something that we all talk about. But there are costs involved that can make getting away a non-starter. So, it becomes of the utmost importance to create a sanctuary in the home, a getaway without getting away.

Here are a few helpful ideas that will create a hideaway at home like no other, allowing for optimal relaxation without ever having to leave home.

Invest in a Hot Tub

There is no better way to get a spa experience than to bring a hot tub into your home. Hot baths have been shown to have tremendous benefits on health and relaxation. There are a few important minor details – like the best hot tub sump pumps – but those can be resolved in short order.



Having a place to relax and enjoy a nice, hot soak can completely transform your home. Being able to simply go into another room and enjoy the benefits of a good soak can’t be overstated. There will be initial costs that cannot be ignored but they will be more than worth the investment initially.

Fresh Flowers

Sometimes all it takes is a little pop of brightness and freshness. There are fewer better ways to improve those aspects than to invest in implementing some flowers into the home. Flowers not only provide that little pop of brightness and freshness, but they can provide the aesthetic of being outdoors without leaving the home.

The great thing is that flowers don’t have to be expensive and can be changed out whenever you choose. Go with seasonal flowers or particular favorites; it’s whatever you want it to be. Nothing like a cheap, effective way to make your home feel like a relaxing garden without having to leave the home.

 Soothing Visuals

The aesthetic of your home is part of the transformation process. When you have the right patterns for your upholstery and bedding, it can shift the entire feel and look of your home. Not only that, but those choices can really dictate how personal a space feels.



For those that enjoy gardening and find it peaceful, perhaps floral patterns are a good way to go. Finding away to make those visuals personal yet fitting can be difficult for those who lack the designing touch, but it can be rewarding in its own unique way.

Neutral Color Palettes

Color schemes should be chosen very carefully. Those colors can have a major impact on our mood, either lifting it or bringing it down. Going with a neutral color scheme is the best bet to keep us on an even, mellow plane.

Moreover, those neutral colors help to create a relaxing and pleasing overtone. Bright colors or paint that is highly contrasting can take that relaxing vibe and leave your mind and body feeling overly stimulated. And that defeats the entire purpose of creating a relaxing hideaway within your own home.

 Natural Lighting

One of the best ways to create a more relaxing, welcoming mood is to admit more natural light into the space. Natural light is a great natural mood booster. The right window hangings can allow for more natural lighting that can offset poorly lit or dark rooms.

More importantly, more natural lighting can give the feeling of being outdoors without actually being there. Bringing more natural lighting into the home is a great, easy way to not only make it feel brighter and livelier without major changes to the home. Create a relaxing space by welcoming a little extra light from time to time.

Skew Towards Wood

Playing off of the aesthetic appeal, try to go towards wood as the primary material choice. The more comfortable the primary material, the easier that it will be to install those complimentary aspects. Of course, the choice of a primary material is up to you, but wood is great to work with.



Most colors are wood are not only of a neutral palette, but you can also implement some deeper, richer colors that are both inviting and warm. That welcoming aspect is what transforms a space into a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere.

 A Meditation Room

Getting away doesn’t have to mean leaving your house. Even being able to escape mentally for a little while can be enough to get the job done. By implementing a meditation room into your home, you will have a relaxing place to escape and get rid of those stressful thoughts.

Even better, a meditation room doesn’t have to be much. Create a clear, open space that you can sit in. Implement some aromatherapy into the mix and you easily have a relaxing retreat. Even a few minutes a day can be enough to create a relaxing hideaway right in your own home. It doesn’t take much to create that relaxation.