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Summertime Outdoor Living Spaces for Every Kind of Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces can make your home feel expansive and more inviting, especially when the weather is pleasant late into the evening. Lounging on the patio after dinner can make you feel like you’re on vacation, and it’s a great way to destress after a busy day. 

Is your backyard up to snuff when it comes to a quiet evening under the stars, or a get-together with friends? If your deck needs renovating or your cement slab patio needs an upgrade, now is the perfect time to make some design updates, so you can enjoy your rejuvenated outdoor living space well into the fall. 

Here are some of our favorite decks, patios, and backyard expanses. Which one inspires your next home design project?

Multilevel space brings everyone together

This renovated backyard space is truly multifunctional. 

On the upper deck, you can fire up the grill and enjoy a cold beverage from the built-in fridge and kegerator. Come down a level to enjoy a shady place on the grass, or lounge on the patio around the firepit that doubles as a dining table. 

Guests can also enjoy sitting on the sofa under the covered deck as the ceiling fan gently circulates the soft, summer breezes. This space is a perfect blend of natural vegetation, cement patio, and wooden decking that appeals to activities and socializing.

The perfect combination of relaxation and lush vegetation

If you have the space for a few lounge chairs, a couple loveseats, and a coffee table that doubles as an ottoman, we say go for it. 

Choose a composite decking material that’s sustainable, low-maintenance and can handle foot traffic and weather. 

A low concrete wall provides privacy and the flowering greenery adds vibrant colors and textures, so it still feels outdoorsy. The overhead trellis is a great way to get plenty of shade on hot summer days, so even those who want to stay out of the sun can enjoy a relaxing outdoor escape.

Casual dining al fresco

This casual al fresco dining space gives new meaning to adjourning to the parlor for aprés-dinner drinks by the fire. A large, stone fireplace like this one flanked by arborvitae trees, provides all the privacy you need for an outdoor dinner party — no fence necessary. 

It feels like you’re in the English countryside and just happened upon a fabulous feast with friends. And oversized stone pavers provide a natural border around the “room.” At this outdoor hearth, friends and family will join the party for dinner and linger into the wee hours, even if the air temperatures cool down after dusk.

Curtains create a light, airy feel

Customize your backyard with a raised, tiled dining room, complete with hanging light fixtures and curtains to billow in the breeze. While the kids splash in the pool, adults can socialize around the dining table and still keep an eye on young swimmers. The added gazebo provides a space to lounge after taking a dip.