Functional, Decorative Room Dividers

During the pandemic, the popular open-concept floor plan may have become a bit problematic at times for those of us working from home—which was just about everyone. Think about it: One or more adult professionals simultaneously conducting Zoom meetings while school-aged children attend online classes, and you’ve got an open floor plan recipe for disaster.

If, “Keep it down, I’m on a Zoom call!” resonates with you, we’ve got some solutions. However, we’re not going back to closed-off, chopped-up living spaces. According to design pros, the open floor plan isn’t going away anytime soon, because it’s still one of the best, most versatile ways to maximize your living space.

While your kids may be planning to return to in-person learning in the Fall, you and your significant other may still be vying for privacy during working hours in your shared multi-use office/living room/dining room/exercise space. We feel your pain. In an effort to help calm the chaos, we discovered some creative ways to divide and delineate space in your home layout—a lot, or a little.

Just add glass.

A glass room divider is the perfect solution when you want to keep the flow and feel of an open living area, while adding privacy and reducing background noise. Floor-to-ceiling glass separates this home office space from the adjacent living rooms, but still feels open and bright. White walls and bookshelves enhance the minimalist appeal.


Create extra storage and privacy with a bookshelf wall.

Maximizing living space in smaller homes is always a challenge. Add storage, privacy, and aesthetic interest with a bookshelf wall. In this case, the sturdy shelving unit separates the home office area from the bedroom. The shelves are highly functional, since you can store office supplies and objets d’art, while maintaining a clear separation between work and rest.

Choose frosted glass for added privacy and contemporary style.

Frosted glass sliding doors add contemporary style and privacy to multi-use spaces, which in this case is a bedroom and home office. Whether the doors are open or closed, both rooms can still benefit from the natural light and view from the windows. As an added bonus, frosted glass helps diffuse light entering the bedroom when one of you is burning the midnight oil and the other is trying to get some shuteye.

Break up the space and add texture.

When adults are gathered around the dinner table, and kids want to watch a movie, a floor-to-ceiling wooden slat divider like this one is an ideal option. Not only does it visually separate the space, but it also breaks up the white monochromatic color palette and adds natural texture and warmth to an otherwise minimalist space.

Make a dramatic statement with drapes.

Looking for a more traditional or dramatic approach to dividing up rooms? Sometimes all you need is a curtain rod and some luxurious drapery to diffuse noise without closing a door. These satiny drapes make a visual statement open or closed and create privacy on either side. The soft blue hues complement the blue and white pottery and invite guests to enjoy an elegant dining experience.

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