There is nothing quite like the look and feel of real wood flooring. Not only are your wood floors sturdy enough to withstand the test of time, but their classic elegance never goes out of style.

So how do you keep them looking their best?

Here are a few simple tips to remember:

Keep the Outdoors Out:


A few well-placed welcome mats can go a long way toward protecting your wood floors from carried-in dirt and debris. Ask guests to leave their shoes by the door to further protect your flooring, and remember to wipe muddy paws when your four-legged family members come in from the yard.

Make it a Clean Sweep.

Regular sweeping is the best way to clean your wood floors and clear away dust and dirt that can scratch and cause damage. If you prefer vacuuming, make sure you use the right attachment and avoid vacuums with beater bar heads.

Ditch the Wet Mop.


News flash: wood doesn’t like moisture.

Wet mops and steam cleaners can allow water to seep in, which may warp the boards and cause permanent damage. Opt instead for a product such as the Swiffer® by Procter & Gamble and use only a mild solution to clean your wood floors.

Steer Clear of Harsh Cleaners.

To preserve the luster of your wood floors, avoid harsh detergents and soaps and use only manufacturer-approved hardwood floor cleaners. When you need to wax your wood flooring, apply polish only to those areas that experience the most wear.

Place Rugs in High-traffic Areas.


Hallways, entryways, the living room—any areas that see a lot of foot (and paw) traffic will benefit from area rugs. They will help protect your wood flooring from nicks, scratches, spills, dust and dirt.

Be Smart About Sun Damage.


Your wood floors are a lot like your skin on summer vacation: easily damaged by harsh ultraviolet rays. Window treatments can help protect against UV damage, along with periodically rearranging furniture to avoid over-exposure to the same areas.

Want to Know More about Wood Flooring?

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