What are new home buyers hoping to see in 2020? Some trends come as no surprise, like the desire for an open-concept floor plan, but other less-anticipated “must-haves” are quickly making a name for themselves. The following is a list of our favorites and the ones we expect smart home builders will be incorporating into their designs in the coming year.

Color, color everywhere.

Especially in the kitchen—and particularly where you’d least expect it. Example? Stainless steel appliances are out and eye-popping hues in are in on everything from refrigerators and microwaves to ovens, ranges, and hoods. The trend carries through to floors, walls, and backsplashes, and it seems no shade is too bold.

Flooring: No longer the bridesmaid.

Often overlooked as a design element, flooring is finally getting its time in the spotlight. What you see underfoot will become the focal point of the room, and combining different shapes and materials is the key. Mix and match brightly colored Moroccan tiles with durable cork flooring in the kitchen, or combine luxury vinyl and natural stone tile in the foyer. There are as many possibilities nowadays as there are flooring materials—and that’s a lot.

Open up and say “Ahh…”

The open-concept floor plan still reigns supreme, with traditional kitchen and dining areas melting seamlessly into living rooms and multipurpose (or “flex”) spaces that have taken the place of traditional home offices. The idea is to create a more flowing, cohesive environment that encourages togetherness rather than separation.

Spa bathrooms are the new retreat.

The lavatory has gone from functional to downright luxurious, with more and more home buyers opting for upgrades that turn their toilet room into a place where they can de-stress and decompress. Design-wise, look for accents such as natural stone walls, organic shapes and textures, and soft earth tones throughout.

Minimalist kitchens do more with less.

In the kitchen, we may be saying to color but we’re definitely saying to clutter. Instead of traditional overhead cabinets, look for innovative below-the-counter storage spaces that discreetly hide your essentials while freeing up space at eye level. Wide kitchen islands, sometimes called “conversation islands,” also offer clever storage and are great for keeping kitchen knick-knacks off your beautiful countertops. Finally, out-of-the-way “prep kitchens” (think a butler’s pantry but with a little more privacy) are totally on trend for 2020. They provide a separate space for meal prep so the kitchen is strictly for entertaining and enjoyment.

Taking care of Mother Earth.

Eco-friendly design is here to stay, especially when builders consider that environmentally conscious millennials now make up the majority of new home buyers. Whenever possible, choose recycled and/or sustainably sourced building materials that are non-toxic and reduce the carbon footprint of the home. Bamboo, cork, and stone flooring are a few great examples.