Millennials continue to dominate the real estate market, accounting for 37% of all recent home buyers. Because this trend is expected to continue, smart builders are keeping a close eye on what Generation Y is looking for in the perfect house.

First and foremost, millennials love their space—and they’re willing to move outside the city to get it. Younger home buyers are heading to the ‘burbs in search of houses with big, open floor plans that combine the kitchen and dining areas with sizeable family and living rooms.

As for what they want to see inside all that space, we’ve put together a few of our favorite must-haves below.

Eye-catching countertops

Attention to detail, especially in the kitchen, will go a long way toward attracting today’s twenty- and thirty-something home buyers. Entertaining at home is important, and the kitchen often becomes a place for friends and family to gather. While functionality and durability are important, so is beauty and individuality. Top countertop trends include natural granite, gemstones and precious metals, and poured concrete.


Not your grandmother’s cabinetry

No longer just a place to store dishes and glassware, modern cabinets are stealing the show with museum-worthy glass paneling, unexpected hardware and accents, and of course, plenty of storage surprises. Think custom pantries, corner drawers, rolling cabinets, and even specialty dish and cookie sheet drawers.

Updated bathrooms

Millennial buyers have an eye for the aesthetic, and that most definitely extends to the powder room. Updated bathrooms with plenty of stone tile and glass accents will attract their attention, along with artistic vessel sinks, chic stainless steel fixtures, high-tech toilets, and free-standing tubs.

A space for work and play

If there’s one thing we can say about the millennial generation, it’s that they have the whole work-life balance thing down to a science. With more and more younger workers swapping the daily commute for the flexibility of remote work, they want to see dedicated workspaces that allow them the freedom to work from home. Media rooms as well as children’s playrooms and study/homework rooms are also high on the list of desired features.

Wood flooring 2.0

Not to worry—hardwoods are still going strong in the flooring popularity contest, but eco-friendly newcomers like bamboo, cork, and salvaged and reclaimed wood are also in high demand. Green and sustainable materials are dominating the list of millennial must-haves, so it’s something to think about when choosing floors for your next build. 

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