It’s hard to believe after this crazy year that the Fall season is once again upon us. That means family gatherings are also imminent with the quickly approaching holidays. So, why not update an outdated dining room before the fun begins?

If the last time you gave your dining room some personalized attention was years before face masks were in style, it’s time to renovate. And by renovate, we don’t necessarily mean tearing down walls. Perhaps a fresh paint color and some brand new flooring is all you need to bring your dining room into the 21st century.

We’ve compiled some ideas so you can find your inspiration and embark on a dining room rejuvenation project before the Thanksgiving turkey goes into the oven.

First, choose your style

Before you begin, consider the space you want to create for intimate family gatherings, formal dinner parties, or both. Do you prefer a casual dining space or a more elegant one? Once you know your style, you can choose décor, furniture, and colors accordingly.

One of our favorites is a modern farmhouse dining room. This space lends itself to hosting casual dining experiences with a few close friends, or you can create a more formal environment with elegant place settings and vases on the table.

The chairs have a French provincial fabric that lends itself to formality, but the comfortable seats invite you to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Neutral colors offer the perfect backdrop for any occasion, and a fireplace makes it cozy for all.

Room for everyone at the table

If your immediate or extended family means no less than 10 people for dinner, you need a big table and a seat for everyone. This contemporary dining space is bright and open with room at the table and beyond for every guest.

Neutral colors prevail with trendy gold light fixtures suspended from the high ceiling. The warm, medium tone wood floor provides warmth to the minimalistic décor.

Traditional dining style fit for a king

As the legend goes, King Arthur’s knights gathered at a round table so none of them could claim precedence over the other. Knights and round tables have long since become synonymous with brotherhood and equality. We think round tables are an unexpected dining room feature that takes center stage.

Coupled with a rustic, round chandelier that’s almost the same circumference of the table below, is a great way to create the focal point of your upgraded dining room. Natural wood flooring with a variety of tones and high, wooden beams that frame the ceiling pull this traditional, castle-like space together.

Benches are trending

While it may be a current trend, bench seating has always been a great way to accommodate a small crowd. Benches are kid-friendly and cozy like a booth, and you can make them as stylish as you’d like with fabric and comfy throw pillows. As you make plans to transform your dining room, consider incorporating bench seating into an entire corner to maximize the space and create a uniquely casual dining experience.

Dynamic dining

If neutral isn’t your favorite color scheme, go for a more dynamic dining setup. Express your personal style with vibrant chairs and a cheerful accent wall. Keep it all grounded with a simple wood floor and tabletop, plus a white backdrop. You can also add a splash of color in your new dining room with a pretty patterned rug underfoot.

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