Soaking in Style

If you have the room, a free-standing bathtub is a beautiful sculptural piece that adds class and function to any bathroom.

The Invisible Fridge

Today’s kitchens can have a clean, seamless look thanks to the integrated fridge, which blends right into existing cabinetry.

A Bright Neutral Palette

Using this year’s biggest neutral − grey − is easy in rooms that receive plenty of natural lighting. Just a few hints of white and blue allows for a natural-looking combination that works every time.


Storage in Unlikely Places

It’s true that kitchens today are getting bigger, but they’re also getting more functional. Storage space built into every nook and cranny allows for a beautiful, and organized, entertaining space.


Go Frameless

Frameless cabinets with no hardware and clean lines give an ultra modern look that’s still popular.


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