Like any memorable fashion trend that subtly disappears into the past, if you wait long enough, that faded fad finds its way back into mainstream culture. The same can be said for home décor.
Florals are back in vogue, and in a big way. Are you ready to incorporate these not-so-subtle resurgent botanicals into your latest room renovations? Check out our latest design tips for inspiration to help your creative ideas…blossom.

Make a Bold, Beautiful Statement

Larger-than-life flowers make a bold statement as an accent wall in a home office. No windows? No problem. Bring the outside in, and create a space where it’s always springtime and the roses are perpetually in bloom. The dark background provides warmth without being overwhelming. Keep the furniture simple so it doesn’t compete with the natural beauty of the wall.


Floral Furniture Brings a Living Room to Life

Not quite ready for an entire wall of flowers? Floral furniture adds lovely colors to a living space and makes a white room come to life. This floral sofa alongside a boldly colored side chair — and pillows that pop — ground an otherwise stark, white room. The natural light provides the perfect airy balance above. And, the glass coffee table is utilitarian without making the room feel crowded.


Create an Indoor Oasis

If you’re ready to take a bold approach to incorporating florals into your décor, creating a room that reflects your wallpaper choice in every way, is the way to go — right down to the living greenery. This dining room feels, warm, tropical and inviting all at the same time. The earthy green walls and natural wood floor are a perfect complement to the floral-patterned wall and feathery live ferns. The white trim and ceiling add space between the saturated colors.


Take a Softer, More Subtle Approach

If you like the idea of adding floral designs into your home, but you’re not sold on the big, bold, and beautiful side of this design trend, take a softer approach. The understated wall color and muted shades of pinks, greys, and purples provide continuity and balance throughout. Geometric flowers that are more graphic than realistic in appearance, add give this space a more contemporary flair. Who says modern and floral don’t go together?


Flowers Can Be Neutral, Too

What happens when you combine your favorite neutral shades of gray with floral patterns? You get the perfect backdrop for a powder room. If you love the idea of a bold, botanical design in timeless, neutral colors, this is the design theme for you. It’s pretty, delicate, and sophisticated, without a trace of intense hues that could otherwise overwhelm an unsuspecting dinner guest.