1First things that come to your mind when you hear the word landscaping are probably – everything connected to the outdoors; planting greenery, flowers, trees – overall change of the looks of yards, gardens, or parks. But what comes to your mind when you hear someone says “interiorscaping”?

The opposite of the outdoor landscaping, interiorscaping actually does the same thing only applied to indoor plants. Why not care for your houseplants with the same tendency you look after the ones decorating your garden? Arranging living plants around your home will not only make it look attractive but will also bring the nature inside your home.

Beneficial and marvelous

The benefits of choosing interiorscaping, besides the fact it gives almost any place distinctive and marvelous look, it provides better conditions for employees at workplace or people in their homes. By affecting the physical and mental health of individuals surrounded by plantscapes it creates healthy surroundings, positive energy and good atmosphere – a place where people enjoy spending time at and feel connected to nature.

It is a fact that individuals (especially flower lovers) are more productive and inspired to do, create and work when their surroundings are appealing. Imagine being able to smell the colorful flowers decorating offices while working, or just taking a lunch break and enjoying in a company’s lobby redesigned into atrium filled with greenery.
Who wouldn’t want that good office life?!

Clean air and positive energy

Choosing plantscape for your interior means you are choosing healthy. There are many positive sides to bringing the nature inside and reconnecting with the environment. Not only plants remove carbon dioxide and produce oxygen they also enhance the air quality by filtering it. They make their own microclimate that helps providing more oxygen-rich air and increase humidity while keeping the air temperature down at the same time. Also affects saving energy which is only one more plus for choosing indoor landscaping.

Different types for different personalities

Deciding what style of indoorscaping suits you the most is the easy part. The possibilities are truly endless and you can make anything that comes to your mind. Adding color and texture using different types of plants can make it into a work of art. Think about what will make you feel most comfortable, search online for advices, tips and tricks.

Love the DIY? Well, if you have a green thumb you can make your own indoor gardens, small or big depending on the available space in your home, but first research various kinds of plants and the ways of taking care of them. That means – if you spend a lot of your time away from home, make sure you pick easy-care plants such as cacti or succulents. Not enough natural light in your home? Not a problem! Pick plants like Dracaena or Parlor palm trees that are not only aesthetically pleasing but don’t need much sunlight.

Linking Outdoors with the Indoors

Interiorscaping is closely connected to landscaping. Considering you are a type of person who enjoys outdoors as much as indoors and spends an equal amount of time both in the house and the garden, it is best to find a way to link your outside and inside plants. Consider asking the experts in the field for advice. Some of the best landscape architects indicate that outdoor space is an extension of our lifestyles and therefore should meet our needs. So think about investing in plants that can be outside during hot months and inside during winter. That way you will enjoy looking after the plants you own and love all over the year. Create extra room around windows to use for interiorscaping and you will make sure there is enough light for your greenery.


Now that you have created a beautiful site out of your home or office, it is important to ensure the plants continue looking beautiful and healthy green. Bringing the nature inside was easy but if you are not really sure what to do, or if you are a bit scared of accidentally harming the plants, hiring horticulturists or plant care specialist can help you. They will make sure your greenery is fertilized, pruned and watered regularly. That way you can concentrate on your work and enjoy the scenery.