Selling your home? Great, get ready to stage your kitchen. When it comes to staging to see there are a few things to consider. Decluttering, reorganizing and cleaning are a great start but what other steps are essential when you want to put your home on the market?

Tidy and Reorganize

Look around at your kitchen. Is there something that you always wanted to change but never got around to?? Are there appliances or furniture that always get in the way? Unnecessary items that makes your kitchen look cramped for space? Well, whatever it is, it is time for a change. Take the time to tidy and reorganize your kitchen. This means consolidating- leave as few items in sight as possible. Let your kitchen breathe. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need and dump the rest in the cabinets. Clear off your countertops to create the feeling of a larger kitchen. Remember, when it comes to home staging- less is more.

Remove Extra Items

Leave the essentials in an easy to reach place; keep the rest in drawers . It is crucial to get rid of anything unnecessary in order to open up more space and to make the kitchen look larger. This includes removing as many furnishings as possible. Excess furniture and fittings only get in the way; not to mention, they can make a room appear smaller. If you want to make your kitchen more inviting, create the perception of more space. So get rid of trolleys, free standing islands and any other large pieces you can go without. Also, no extra chairs. If goal is to sell your home, then be open to the idea of storing or getting rid of some unnecessary furniture. Be ruthless. It will pay off in the end.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Last but not least, don’t forget to clean your kitchen. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you do this in, as long as you do it. Nothing will make your kitchen more attractive than spotless countertops, dust-free floor, immaculate appliances and organized shelves. Keep your blender, microwave, dishwasher and fridge clean, vacuum and mop the floor, dust all areas that have never gotten near the microfiber cloth. Do what’s necessary to get every part of the kitchen gleaming and smelling fresh-and take your time! This is one area where cutting corners is not an options if you intend to sell your home. The best way to attract prospective buyers is with a kitchen that looks and smells clean as a whistle!

Additional Advice

Replace heavy curtains and drapes. They can only make the place look smaller and crowded. You need to let more natural light into the room- choose cheerful colors.

Repaint the walls. Choose bright like-tone colors, consider getting rid of wall hangings, think minimalist style-the less stuff in your kitchen, the better it will look.

Remove tablecloths. Stick to the rule- less is more. Add some fruits in a simple basket or a vase of flowers as simple accent piece.

Get rid of pot racks. They create the feeling of storage shortage and can potentially give buyers the perception of a space shortage. If you don’t want to part with your pot racks (they look great in your kitchen, they hold sentimental value or you simply don’t have anywhere else to keep them), then make sure to hang only the bare minimum.

Depersonalize. This means you need to remove as many personal items, such as pictures and knick-knacks, as possible still maintaining an inviting and warm atmosphere.

My last tip is to create a balanced kitchen. Space your items evenly and maintain consistent color schemes.

Hope this helps to sell your home faster and at a better price. Good luck!

The article is kindly contributed by Kathleen Crane who runs TenancyCleaners Wimbledon