As reported back in April 2014, Primera was awarded the contract for this substantial remodelling project, located in Tempe, at the beginning of the year.

The work was part of the widescale remodelling and upgrading of the training facility and corporate offices housed at the site. Noteably, this includes a new state of the art kitchen, weight room and hydrotherapy suite together with refreshed locker rooms, showers and grooming areas.

There were numerous elements to our project. 12,000 square feet of patterned and customer colored tiles is being installed into the players, coaches and staff bathing rooms; 5,000 square feet of rubber flooring is being laid into the new weight room; commercial quality flooring is being used in the kitchen areas; patterned and Cardinals logo'd carpet that has been specially manufactured for the locker rooms, and; further carpet is being added to meeting rooms and

It has taken a whole year from estimating and bidding for the work to bringing it to successful fruition. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this successful team project.