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Your clients deserve a true visual and tactile experience to design and create the perfect interior. Primera’s design centers do just that.

Enter a world of endless interior possibilities: feel countertop materials, visualize tile designs, and experience cabinets and backsplashes in real room displays.

At Primera’s design centers, homebuyers embark on a design journey—from visualization to design to installation.


Let’s Take a Look Inside

Walk through the doors and be inspired by kitchen and bathroom vignettes that spark the imagination and creativity.

The soft, homey lighting enhances the experience: this is expertly done using a black roof, and complimentary hanging bright, white panels. This specialized lighting creates a dramatic impact that allows customers to see selections as if in natural daylight.

Looking for Interiors Inspiration?


Using VEO Design Studio, homebuyers can review their interior options in the comfort of their own home, prior to their design center appointment— and narrow down products building their new home’s interior.

As they swap marble for granite countertops or oak for maple cabinets, your client saves their favorite products to a wish list in the program.

Visiting the design center is a very exciting stage of the homebuying journey. Primera recognizes that it can also be an overwhelming experience so its design centers are focused on being calm, quiet spaces with skilled designers to expertly guide the process. Together with the use of VEO Design Studio, choosing interior options becomes a relaxed and enjoyable event.



Nothing puts ideas to action like quiet reflection and collaboration. Enter: the private meeting rooms. Prior to the appointment, a Primera designer uses the wish list to gather samples of the selected products.

Upon arrival, clients are guided to the specially-designed meeting rooms, where the sample products are already waiting. The distraction-free room allows the client and designer to review the products comfortably, in addition to saving time. For the client, the chance to see and touch their favorite interior products in the quiet meeting room adds to an overall exceptional experience.


There are endless benefits for builders to utilize Primera’s design center.

Builders partner with Primera for a smooth and quick selection process to choose finishes, styles, and patterns. Additionally, with the VEO software, homebuyers can see their pricing options clearly and use a mortgage calculator to go forward with their design choices with confidence.

What’s more, Primera can create design centers for homebuilders in any location. Utilizing Primera staff and the VEO software, even a sales office environment can become a designated off-site design center.

Enjoy the benefits of happier clientele and an incredible customer experience.

But don’t just take our word.

Award-Winning and Praise-Receiving

After opening the flagship design center in Tempe, Arizona, in November, 2017, The National Association of Home Builders’ National Sales and Marketing Council announced Primera as a recipient of a silver award as one of the top five “Best Design Centers.”

Jim Giannopoulos, Designated Broker at Courtland Communities stated, “The new Tempe showroom is by far one of the finest in Arizona if not the country. Our buyers’ experience has dramatically improved with the increased number of kitchen vignettes and other offerings on display.”


Our Awards

The newly remodeled Tempe Design Center is a Silver Award winner and Gold Award finalist for the Best Design Center category in the 2019 National Sales & Marketing Awards (The NationalsSM). This is the second consecutive year that Primera has been awarded this accolade.  The awards are presented each year by the National Sales and Marketing Council, a council of the National Association of Home Builders.