It goes without saying that 2020 has been an eventful year for the food industry. From outdoor seating to contactless pickup, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants to modify their business models. In doing so, restaurant interiors have significantly changed to accommodate our “new normal.”

As a commercial contractor, it’s crucial to know these 2020 restaurant designs, including those unrelated to the pandemic (think: color palettes and style themes). This way, you’ll know what to expect from clients and restaurant owners in the new year.

Non-porous surfaces

Due to the pandemic, restaurants have intensified their cleaning practices to protect employees and guests alike. This includes swapping porous surfaces, like wood and granite, for non-porous materials that can withstand constant cleaning. Surfaces like laminate and stainless steel have become the top picks for countertops, flooring, and more.

Wood elements

In terms of style, natural features like wood became incredibly popular in 2020. This speaks to consumers’ growing appreciation for the great outdoors. Specifically, wood laminate can accommodate this trend as restaurants shift to more non-porous surfaces.

Warm color palettes

The year 2020 saw a rise in warm color palettes featuring shades like tan, orange, and yellow. These warmer tones—which have appeared in flooring, wall finishes, and seating—create a cozy atmosphere that so many of today’s consumers crave.

Think (light) pink

Light pink has become a popular color in recent years, and the trend continued in 2020. In restaurants, we saw light pink walls, seating, and even pink lighting. What’s more, this design element can be easily incorporated into warm color palettes.

Dramatic light fixtures

As the sparse, simple look of minimalism falls out of favor, restaurants have leaned toward maximalist elements. Most notably, eye-catching lighting fixtures became popular in 2020. These elements combine functionality and style while adding personality to an establishment.

Widening bar tops

To promote social distancing between bartenders and patrons, restaurants have been extending bar tops by adding more material. Again, non-porous surfaces such as laminate are the most ideal for this purpose.

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