If home workouts are part of your weekly routine, you’re not alone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were forced to exercise in spaces like their basement, living room, or backyard—just to name a few.

Yet, even with the end of the pandemic (hopefully) in sight, you might still feel more comfortable exercising at home. That said, it’s worth investing in a home fitness center that you can enjoy for years to come.

The design experts at Primera would love to help you create this space. Here are some of our favorite design ideas for home gyms.

  1. Natural Light

There are few things more energizing than a bright, sun-filled room. To lighten up your home gym, consider installing windows on multiple walls. If that’s not possible, try installing one or two big windows (or sliding doors) to let in natural light.

  1. Living Walls

If a window installation is out of the question, add a plant wall to bring nature inside. A faux skylight on the ceiling will also add light and liven up the space.

  1. Statement Style  

For a stylish Instagram-worthy gym, get creative with your walls. Try bold wallpapers, bright paint colors, or even a textured or tiled wall panel. Craving even more personality? Finish off the look with statement lighting fixtures.

  1. Minimalist Aesthetics  

Alternatively, you can take the opposite approach and create a minimalist home gym. This is ideal if you prefer activities like yoga, mat Pilates, and dance over machine-oriented workouts. To create a minimalist home fitness center, think neutral colors, clean lines, and open spaces.

  1. Non-slip Floors

Safety is always first, especially if you live or work out alone. Be sure to install non-slip, sturdy flooring to reduce the risk of injuries. You can also lay out carpets or foam floors for extra cushioning.

  1. Relaxing Seating Area

A cozy bench offers an ideal space to recover after a tough workout. Plus, since this idea requires cushions or pillows, you can use coordinating fabrics to further emphasize the room’s overall aesthetic. To make the most of this feature, store workout gear beneath the bench.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

Make your home gym feel like a professional fitness studio with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Not only will this feature make the room look bigger, but it allows you to observe your technique and form as you break a sweat.

  1. Gym Bar

When it comes to physical activity, hydration is just as important as safety. Make it easy to rehydrate by installing a drink bar in your home gym. Install a mini-fridge, small countertop, and cabinets for your post-workout smoothie ingredients.