7 Home Builder Trends to Watch for in 2020

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What are new home buyers hoping to see in 2020? Some trends come as no surprise, like the desire for an open-concept floor plan, but other less-anticipated “must-haves” are quickly making a name for themselves. The following is a list of our favorites and the ones we expect smart home builders will be incorporating into their designs in the coming year. Color, color everywhere. Especially in the kitchen—and particularly where you’d least expect it. Example? Stainless steel appliances are out and eye-popping hues in are in on everything from refrigerators and microwaves to ovens, ranges, and hoods. The trend carries through to floors, walls, and backsplashes, and it seems no shade is too bold. Flooring: No longer the bridesmaid. Often

Builders: Here’s What Millennial Home Buyers Are Looking For

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Millennials continue to dominate the real estate market, accounting for 37% of all recent home buyers. Because this trend is expected to continue, smart builders are keeping a close eye on what Generation Y is looking for in the perfect house. First and foremost, millennials love their space—and they’re willing to move outside the city to get it. Younger home buyers are heading to the ‘burbs in search of houses with big, open floor plans that combine the kitchen and dining areas with sizeable family and living rooms. As for what they want to see inside all that space, we’ve put together a few of our favorite must-haves below. Eye-catching countertops Attention to detail, especially in the kitchen, will go

Top Trends in Commercial Flooring

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From medical offices and hotel suites to entertainment venues and modern corporate workspaces, commercial flooring is no longer the drab and easily forgotten surface it once was.  Product innovation and improvements in installation technology mean commercial business owners have more options than ever before, with the freedom to choose flooring that is not only functional but also reflects their unique brand and vision. Thanks to advancements in resilient flooring, hospitals and health care facilities are softening the clinical vibe and creating patient and staff areas that are more soothing and inviting.  Schools and universities, once held back by budget restrictions, are finding new inspiration in affordable yet on-trend flooring applications.  And a workforce dominated by millennials is transforming traditional office

Builders: 3 Reasons to Use an Outsourced Professional Design Center

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Building a new home is a very personal experience for home buyers. After narrowing down where they want to live, the next step is working with a builder to bring their dream home to life. There is competition among homebuilders to provide home buyers with an exceptional design and building experience. For this reason, working with an independent design center is a smart and economical decision that will no doubt pay off in the long run. Here are three important reasons home builders should consider working with an outsourced professional design center: It’s cost-effective. It can be a significant expense for builders to operate their own on-site design centers. Not only does it require a sizeable location and the samples

One-Coat Stucco Installation: Quick Tips for Success

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Photo by CW Architecture, Inc. - More exterior home ideas Southwest home builders are no strangers to stucco. In fact, stucco is the most common exterior material featured in Arizona homes, and with good reason. The desert climate, with its scorching summers and rainy monsoon season, demands a material that holds up well against heat and moisture, and stucco fits the bill. What is stucco? Stucco is a type of plaster that has been around, in some form or another, for centuries. Buildings in ancient Greece were often made of stucco for the same reasons builders today love the material—mainly its durability and weather resistance. Photo by Studio Ectypos - More exterior home ideas Back then, it was typically a

Empowering the Design Journey: 4 Elements of a Premier Design Center

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Creating a top-notch design center is something of an art form. Not only are design trends continually changing, but consumers are inundated with home interior shows and websites offering daily ideas and inspiration. From new builds to room-by-room renovations, your clients are looking for a place to design and create the perfect home interior—which calls for a design center that empowers their journey from visualization to installation. To do so, there are four key elements to take into consideration.     Beauty It goes without saying that a design center should be visually appealing. Creating real room displays allows home buyers to view each design element—from cabinets and countertops to flooring and window treatments—and visualize how it would look in

Primera Commercial Partners with Caliber Development to Help Create a Chic New Living Space for Grand Canyon University Students

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GC Square Apartments are within walking distance to Grand Canyon University and offer a design-forward, amenities-rich alternative to traditional student housing. Living space at GC Square Apartments (flooring installed by Primera Commercial) Primera Commercial Division and Caliber Development have partnered once again to create a one-of-a-kind housing experience for Grand Canyon University students. Primera Commercial recently installed flooring, cabinetry and countertops in the studio, one and three bedroom residences available at GC Square Apartments. Located in Phoenix, GCU is a private, nonprofit Christian university that offers a wide range of majors and programs to support traditional and online learning. Currently the largest Christian university in the world, GCU was recognized by Fortune magazine as one of America’s best colleges for

Unconventional, Collaborative, Deliberately Designed Workspaces: Office Trends that Appeal to Millennials

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Like each generation before them, millennials are making their way in the world with their own set of ideals, values, and professional goals.   Millennials want more than just a six-figure income when it comes to their careers. Today’s young professionals desire a positive work-life balance, flexible hours, and a comfortable, well-designed, inspirational work environment.     So, what exactly is it about the millennial-approved workplace that’s driving today’s office design trends? In short: comfortable, collaborative, deliberately designed workspaces that foster creativity and make employees feel right at home.   Millennials want an office that doesn’t feel like an office, but rather an extension of their personalities — with just the right balance of social and professional vibes.   Casual,

Time for a Redesign: Does Your Hotel Lobby Make a Memorable First Impression?

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  Photo by Canaday Group - Search entryway design ideas In the same way your clothing makes a statement about your sense of style, a hotel lobby makes a statement about the level of amenities and type of experience guests can expect. It would only make sense then that the design, comfort, and layout of a hotel lobby is crucial to the overall success of the hotel, though many hospitality professionals may not realize this opportunity to make a great first impression on their guests. Is your hotel lobby an accurate reflection of your high standards and cutting-edge style, or is it time to update and redesign? Primera’s commercial design team brings you some hotel lobby design inspiration for a

Safety, Durability, Appeal: What Flooring Options Work Best for Restaurants?

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There is a lot to consider when choosing the best flooring type for your project, and this is especially true for clients who are restaurant owners. While most commercial clients want design elements that are visually appealing, restaurateurs must take into account additional factors such as heavy foot traffic, the high probability of spills and moisture, the safety of their patrons, and how easy the floors are to clean and maintain.    Let’s start in the waiting area. The waiting area is first thing diners see when walking into a restaurant. Of course it should be warm and inviting, but it is also the area closest to the door. That means a high likelihood that outside dirt and debris will be

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